Saturday, March 15, 2014


The human mind is inherently creative, it either creates evil or good, that, the human mind is wicked, devious and at the same time capable of unfathomable compassion is conflicting enough.
I happened upon a gory-comic happening today, my consulting room as a window, that looks out to a main road with a small lot on the side, under a tree in that lot resides a mentally deranged woman. I took note of her about 2 weeks ago, watching her daily routine, of eating talking to herself and amusing herself, in the process amusing passer byes and local residents in the area.
She decided to take her bath in the full glare of all and sundry, with the sun high up, maybe the heat drove her to take her bath or the fact that she had a new set of clothing she wanted to change into- she had been wearing the same cloth for as long as I came to take note of her- whatever it was , there was a full grown woman taking her bath in broad day light.
The gist of this write-up is not the woman taking her bath in broad daylight, nor the fact that she was living under a tree and serves as a source of amusement to many, it is the fact that in the midst of the many ongoing conflicting information coursing through her muddled-up mind, she was still inventive. She was able to utilize the resource within her reach to achieve the goal she set out (did she?) to achieve.
Her new set of clothing, consisted of a pair of trouser and a shirt, the source of this is not known. She had no need for underwear, no need of a pair of eyelashes, mascara, a hairstylist or lip gloss or body cream. All she need was to clothe her nakedness, of which she is not ashamed, alas the trouser was longer and the waist wider than her’s. One would have thought that her muddled up mind would find it difficult to get round this problem, but no, she simply shred the sheet she uses to cover herself into thing strips, picked one of the long strips and thread it through the belt holes, she tied the two ends and eureka! She has a belt and a pair of “fitting” trousers.
Her desultory mind was able to utilize her meager resources. We need, each and everyone of us, to dig deep into our organised mind to see how we can make our society better, how we can better our lot and thereby better the lot of many others around us.
Lets learn from that muddled up mind- I find it difficult to call her mad- we have so much in us to better ourselves and the society.
The woman with the muddled up mind as since relocated to an unknown place. Each day I gaze at the spot where she used to sit, displaying herself for our amusement, with no prior plan of hers to do so.
The tree stands lonely bereft of its occupant of many days, the dry season is slowly creeping in and the water it gets from the benevolence of the woman is since lost. Where has she gone? This question keeps badgering my mind. She was never in my care anyway, she just served as a side attraction, a place to let my wandering eyes settle, tired from staring at the computer screen, a place to let my brain get tickled after so much memorizing done. I forget each time to let you know I was trying to prepare for an examination, so much to read but I had to give myself a break. I’m tired of the Nigerian issue, which is a source of unending amusement in itself. Is it the president or the other politicians and the recently discovered profession of kidnapping among it’s citizens?
Back to the lonely tree, and my lonely self in my darkened enclosure, due to the erratic power supply from our national grid.

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