Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Journey. Two years and Counting

Two years ago
It all started on a flight out of the country
We looked back and wondered
It was a leap in the dark
lets wing it she said
Looked at the boys and told them we are changing adress
Today it is two years ago
Looking back on the journey
Three winters a go we left for another land
Where winter reigns supreme
A land spring and summer beg to have s little share of the year
God brought us this far
He set our feet upon the high places
He made ways where there is known
We have been welcomed with warm smiles and embrace
In a land of cold.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

It ends, 2017!

It is weird I have not blogged for most part of this year, it has been an eventful one, happy memories, travels, learning unlearning and re-learning. Getting to appreciate life and the gurgles of a new born baby. Listened and spoke. I was opportune to learn to walk patient through the dark times of getting past the point of no return. A lot of lessons learnt, death comes knocking and no matter how far out you see it coming, no one is ever ready. It comes at all of us and we all respond to it in different ways.
To the happy memories I have had this year i cherish them all, to the sad memories I wish I can forget you all but that is what makes the tapestry life colorful all round.
Won some battles, lost some, learnt to let go and speak not a word and I have learnt to speak up when it was right to do so.
I have watched people grow around me and watch as I grow apart form people who have been friends.
I try to hold on for as long as I can but there is so much one can do. I am learning to let go now, a hard lesson.
For friends who have stuck close as a family I am grateful.
2017 has been a year of mixed feelings, the good the bad, the ugly, the happy and the sad. If I could travel back in time, I would probably travel back to some parts of the the year 2017 to undo or redo certain things. But in all I am grateful to God who has kept me and my dear ones till today
This is to a better 2018. May we break the boundaries of our fears, may our hopes and aspiration come through, may doors be opened unto us and may we make the maximum use of every opportunity that come sour way.
To those who read this blog or stumble upon it and read my many diverse thoughts. Thank you.
Sun Set on 2017

May we survive the winter months of our lives in 2018

Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Year is a Long Time

I have not written in a long while, neither have I blogged.
So many things have happened since the last time I put pen to paper, or more appropriately I punched my laptop keypads furiously.
Nigeria in such a state I cannot imagine. I wish it could all be better.
I found myself a new home in a new country where the community has shown me much love. Daily I wake up and step out, the cold wind kisses my face and dries my lips, a reminder that I am new here and yet to get used to her ways. The days are short and the night pretty too long for my brain to wrap around. I try stretch my sleep to the point when the light breaks through the barrier pout up by darkness, alas…
I wanted coffee to be my friend but insomnia said NO!! How can I become a Canadian then? Sorry Starbucks and Tim Horton aren’t getting any share of my money then.
A year ago, I packed my bags and left my country after participating actively in the election that brought the present government into power. I had so much hope but…
So, I have found myself a new home, were the people are warm but the weather is darn cold!!! I have been told having on six layers of clothing is no sin, as long as you keep warm.
In that one year since I left for another land so many things have happened, ranging from good to bad to worst and some extremely too good to be true. In my few months, here, I have found that anywhere can be home!


I wonder how come I have traveled so far in such a short time, I have seen beautiful places and met beautiful minds. I have seen people work hard each day and glow in the rewards of their labor. I have seen tears, blood and happy faces. I have been touched by stories and wonderful relationships that have lasted years. I have made friends and heard stories that push me to be a better person.
I was told by a man who has seen many battles and fought a few of his, Touch lives, you will never make enough money, make enough to pay your bills and owe no man. He told me finally laugh, never beat yourself down when you make errors, laugh at yourself learn your lesson and move on. He said life is too short, it only seems to me like yesterday was when I celebrated by 25th birthday, today I am 89 years. I wonder were the years went.
It is a year now, it has been a long journey, I press on each day, thanking God for friends and family, most importantly my wife whose support and sacrifice has been enormous.

For God is faithful…He will bring us to an expected end.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Final Salute

Each time I came to see you
On my way out you always gave me a salute
You were a gentle man to the very end
You gave it all a fight
But you had to take a bow at the end
HL you will be missed
I remember the last time I came to see you
You looked up and said you were tired
We talked for a bit while you weaved in and out of sleep
I told you I was leaving
You mustered all the strength to give me the final salute
Born in England
Died in Canada
Loved by many
Missed by many
The salute won't be forgotten
I learnt from you
Bye HL
This is my final salute to you

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

My Dear Sons

You are strong
You are blessed
I gaze at you and I see hope
You hold the future
Your eyes are filled with a bright tomorrow
You are my strength
You give me reason to go out each day
I love you so much
Your smiles make all things better
You are blessed beyond words
God’s grace is ever present in your life
I love you boys and will always do
Glad I was gifted with you
We are on this journey together
One step each day
Till you become better men than I am
Till you become great
Your strength shall not fail
Till you know Him who made you in His Image and likeness
Till that day you come to the full understanding of His purpose for your life

Monday, July 04, 2016


It has been a roller-coaster first half of the year 2016
It is what it is
From relocating to a new land
To resigning my job back home in Nigeria
And getting another job in my new found home
This first half has taught me the importance of family and friends
It has taught me God rules in all situations
He can stabilize all things
He can make all things come through for you
God never leaves nor forsakes us
This first half, I have seen death stare us in the face
Snatch our loved one
We have seen death attempt to snatch another
But if not for God…
Friends have stood up to help and support
People I have not spoken to in years rallied round
So this first half of the year
I am grateful for all that as happened
I am grateful for my family
I am grateful for friends
I am grateful for work
I am grateful for the gift of life
I am grateful for new friends and alliances
I have learnt and unlearned 
The second half can only be better
In God’s hand I leave it all

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Death and Memories

They died but they never left
Memories linger on
That moment, we remember what their retort would have been
We see their smile vividly
We think we have moved on without them
We think death has taken them away
They are with us
That quiet moment we sit alone,
The memories of our time with them flood our mind
They are not gone
They are not forgotten
They live with us,
In our breath
We keep them alive though they are dead
They are with us
To the many friends I have lost
Or I think I lost to death
Your memories linger on
Fresh everyday
When I die
Then your memory, which I have held on to for so long goes with me
Then I become