Thursday, January 30, 2014

Live, Fight On!

It’s not the end, it looks like the end and we accepted it is the end. The story of many who gave up before their victory came. I have seen many patients on the ward, they simply lost hope and gave up on life. While some fought till they could hold on no longer, they clutched at every available ray of hope, the love of their family members pushing them on pulling them a day at a time out of the deepest abyss of despondence. All that we hold important and dear pales at the sight of impending death. The quick flash of the various times we should have helped or taken an alternate decision we did not, the help we should have rendered that we refused too. The days we spent away from our family behind the desk at work considering it more important than the people that matter most in our lives. The times spent with friends, cherished moments, the ha-moments, happy times, sad times. The fears anxieties and days of uncertainty, it all comes to one single thing, what is important what is that thing that we cannot do without, what are the things we will give up for that singular thing. The days suddenly disappear one after the other, the hair becomes grey, beards sprout the skin wrinkles, gradually the teeth fallout, walking becomes more tedious, the bones creak with each movement, and the eyes grow dim, hearing becomes difficult and the pills pile up in number daily to ease the pain and make ones existence more bearable.

Before that age comes and the night and day merge into one for eternity love all, waste not, live life imparting others, give hope to the hopeless, wipe the tears of those that are weeping, visit the ones in prison, forget not the widows nor the orphans, feed the hungry cloth the naked. At the end when we give up the last breath, when the death rattle emanating from us is echoed of the walls of that room, we will have a smile creeping across our face because we have lived not merely existed. Don't give up, fight on, fight don't give up!

Friday, January 03, 2014

This is Life

This is life; this is what it’s all about
The fleeting breath
That moment
That smile
The tears, the hugs
Bearing each other’s burden
The fears, hopes and aspirations
The disappointments
The joyful news
The dreams come through
This is what life is all about
The cry of the new born child
The silence in death
The end place of all
Six feet under
To be remembered or forgotten
To die is to live, to live is to die in eventuality
This is life and it all starts and ends with that breathe
This is life, we all have one shot at it