Friday, January 25, 2008

Transport Billing in naija

What determines how much we pay as transport fare is unknown to me. Initially I thought it was the distance covered but alas I am confounded each time I am on a trip within or outside Lagos and the many other cities in Nigeria.
You get to the park this morning you get a bus heading to Ibadan for example, you board it for say two hundred naira, you can come back later in the day and board the same bus heading to Ibadan for twice the morning price, and the reason cannot be fathomed.
My personal experience, some few days ago I was leaving Lagos after spending a hellish 48 hours within the metropolis; really Lagos is a Pandora box. How I survived growing up within the reach of the jaws of lion called Lagos is right now beyond my comprehension. Like I was saying I got to the park and was informed the fare I would pay if I travelling to Ibadan is 400 naira, I was wondering what was happening, I moved a bit further down I got another bus saying I should pay 350, this bus I am sure won’t fly through the hold-up that is purported as the reason for the hike in transport fare. I moved further down and the further I moved away from the initial point the cheaper the fare became and I am quite certain, this other buses won’t pass through another route. I finally got a sole (privately owned cars trying to make quick money) car and I paid 200 to get myself to Ibadan!
I was so comfortable that, I got to type this in the car. Given, I have heard of many stories of how people who boarded such vehicles where robbed, killed or taken away and never found, but what do I do?
O! I was nearly forgetting to say this; there was hold-up between Lagos and Ibadan, caused by the impatince of motorist and we where in that hold up for barely 20 minuts!! So you see what I am saying.
We are simply being exploited. It’s so sad but alas what do we do?
The society is froth with all sorts of imbalances due to our greediness.