Monday, April 20, 2009

This long silence must be broken

Many things has happened between my last post and today, the calendar as gone a full cycle since then, we have witnessed so many events, that we have forgotten some. i can count my blessings today, the biggest blessing is, I'm alive. i have been quite silent for this period, either due to work, change in location, the effects of men of the underworld who deprived me of my laptop nearly a year ago. i woke up this morning and decided the long silence must be broken. things are happening all around me that makes me uncomfortable.

in my country Nigeria we have a president who is almost invisible, if he suddenly falls out of sight would we miss him? i don't think so. Niger-Delta crises is still looming, money is embezzled in their millions. politicians are at each others throat, tribunals, re-run elections... it is tiring, in fact brain fatiguing to follow all this merry go round in Nigerian politics.
not to miss out what stands to be the most hilarious of the all political drama happening all over the nook and crannies of my country, this so called comrade governor woke up one morning- i believe on the wrong side of the bed- and increased the tax of all businesses and workers in the state, in this time of economy depression!! can you imagine.
so when i decided to come back from my unscheduled sabbatical you should understand why. too many things which can deafen ones ear, if heard is happening and its pathetic to note that we don't have leaders.
tell me whats the good of taking pains to wash a pig clean when you know it will return to the mud? that's what we are doing now, we are re-branding a sepulchre in Nigeria! no matter how beautiful the outside is, the inside is rotten.
I'm back, the sun must shine again!!!