Thursday, January 29, 2015

Low, High

This is the lowest I have felt in years. It seems everything is in slow motion, each day simple walking into the other, I am tired I think. I tell myself maybe a break is all I need, just a moment out of this routine that has become a life. It is almost as if I am stagnating. Reading has become an arduous task. Music keeps me company daily, my brain simply lets go at the sound of the music floating from my speakers. It’s a slow life, short one yet the days come too quickly for one to lay adequate grasp of it. It seems it will soon end, everything will stand still! A hand unseen, will press the pause button, just to review the present situation and make additional manoeuvres or changes to favour some and put some in dire strait. It is life, that’s what we call it, that is what it simply is, LIFE, a four letter word inundating to most people. We come and go, we simply disappear like the smoke from the fire, into thin air. No trace of the path we traveled left behind, soon the people who sang our praise simply move on to another one, where their bread will be buttered. It is as simple as that, quickly forgotten, as long as your life as not made another one better.
Life is short, very short, the pursuit of money, comfort and that which the heart desires to the detriment of our health, makes me wonder which is more important? It’s all vanity, says the wise one. Vanity upon vanity, so live each day free of scuffles and anger, do the best you can and know that at your death the work will continue.
The world is in a continuous loop, never taking a pause to mourn the dead or the dying. It’s simply the ones affected that will bury their dead and soon they continue their life. The death of the dying becomes memories to be remembered at such a time when they will need the help of the dead, if he/she was alive. Such is life deal with it.
Remember you are not all in all, you are nothing but a mere mortal who needs the help of fellow humans so, spread the love, lend a helping hand, a hug or smile could help that lone soul through trying times.
The inexplicable joy of putting a smile on the face of my patient is worth it all, the reason I wake up daily to walk into this consulting room not caring the unending bottlenecks I have to fight to give my patient the minimum obtainable care.

So life is worth living only if you have discovered the joy of making someone -random someone- happy every day, just to make the world a better place.