Wednesday, July 06, 2016

My Dear Sons

You are strong
You are blessed
I gaze at you and I see hope
You hold the future
Your eyes are filled with a bright tomorrow
You are my strength
You give me reason to go out each day
I love you so much
Your smiles make all things better
You are blessed beyond words
God’s grace is ever present in your life
I love you boys and will always do
Glad I was gifted with you
We are on this journey together
One step each day
Till you become better men than I am
Till you become great
Your strength shall not fail
Till you know Him who made you in His Image and likeness
Till that day you come to the full understanding of His purpose for your life

Monday, July 04, 2016


It has been a roller-coaster first half of the year 2016
It is what it is
From relocating to a new land
To resigning my job back home in Nigeria
And getting another job in my new found home
This first half has taught me the importance of family and friends
It has taught me God rules in all situations
He can stabilize all things
He can make all things come through for you
God never leaves nor forsakes us
This first half, I have seen death stare us in the face
Snatch our loved one
We have seen death attempt to snatch another
But if not for God…
Friends have stood up to help and support
People I have not spoken to in years rallied round
So this first half of the year
I am grateful for all that as happened
I am grateful for my family
I am grateful for friends
I am grateful for work
I am grateful for the gift of life
I am grateful for new friends and alliances
I have learnt and unlearned 
The second half can only be better
In God’s hand I leave it all