Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Year is a Long Time

I have not written in a long while, neither have I blogged.
So many things have happened since the last time I put pen to paper, or more appropriately I punched my laptop keypads furiously.
Nigeria in such a state I cannot imagine. I wish it could all be better.
I found myself a new home in a new country where the community has shown me much love. Daily I wake up and step out, the cold wind kisses my face and dries my lips, a reminder that I am new here and yet to get used to her ways. The days are short and the night pretty too long for my brain to wrap around. I try stretch my sleep to the point when the light breaks through the barrier pout up by darkness, alas…
I wanted coffee to be my friend but insomnia said NO!! How can I become a Canadian then? Sorry Starbucks and Tim Horton aren’t getting any share of my money then.
A year ago, I packed my bags and left my country after participating actively in the election that brought the present government into power. I had so much hope but…
So, I have found myself a new home, were the people are warm but the weather is darn cold!!! I have been told having on six layers of clothing is no sin, as long as you keep warm.
In that one year since I left for another land so many things have happened, ranging from good to bad to worst and some extremely too good to be true. In my few months, here, I have found that anywhere can be home!


I wonder how come I have traveled so far in such a short time, I have seen beautiful places and met beautiful minds. I have seen people work hard each day and glow in the rewards of their labor. I have seen tears, blood and happy faces. I have been touched by stories and wonderful relationships that have lasted years. I have made friends and heard stories that push me to be a better person.
I was told by a man who has seen many battles and fought a few of his, Touch lives, you will never make enough money, make enough to pay your bills and owe no man. He told me finally laugh, never beat yourself down when you make errors, laugh at yourself learn your lesson and move on. He said life is too short, it only seems to me like yesterday was when I celebrated by 25th birthday, today I am 89 years. I wonder were the years went.
It is a year now, it has been a long journey, I press on each day, thanking God for friends and family, most importantly my wife whose support and sacrifice has been enormous.

For God is faithful…He will bring us to an expected end.