Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Death and Memories

They died but they never left
Memories linger on
That moment, we remember what their retort would have been
We see their smile vividly
We think we have moved on without them
We think death has taken them away
They are with us
That quiet moment we sit alone,
The memories of our time with them flood our mind
They are not gone
They are not forgotten
They live with us,
In our breath
We keep them alive though they are dead
They are with us
To the many friends I have lost
Or I think I lost to death
Your memories linger on
Fresh everyday
When I die
Then your memory, which I have held on to for so long goes with me
Then I become

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Life Events

Life events
Hardly prepared for
It sometimes hits us from nowhere
We are thrown off balance
It comes when we least expect it
Just when we think we have everything figured out and we should settle down
When we are just about taking our seat it strikes
We watch others taking a hit and we empathize sometimes
We never imagine we will be in the same spot some years down the line or the next minute
This is life
Sunset Claireview Edmonton. (c) Greatise
We keep hoping and believing
We keep pursuing our dreams
Even when life throws a curve at us we pray for strength
We keep fighting to see our dreams come true
Life events are inescapable
But we will triumph all the way!!!