Sunday, December 31, 2017

It ends, 2017!

It is weird I have not blogged for most part of this year, it has been an eventful one, happy memories, travels, learning unlearning and re-learning. Getting to appreciate life and the gurgles of a new born baby. Listened and spoke. I was opportune to learn to walk patient through the dark times of getting past the point of no return. A lot of lessons learnt, death comes knocking and no matter how far out you see it coming, no one is ever ready. It comes at all of us and we all respond to it in different ways.
To the happy memories I have had this year i cherish them all, to the sad memories I wish I can forget you all but that is what makes the tapestry life colorful all round.
Won some battles, lost some, learnt to let go and speak not a word and I have learnt to speak up when it was right to do so.
I have watched people grow around me and watch as I grow apart form people who have been friends.
I try to hold on for as long as I can but there is so much one can do. I am learning to let go now, a hard lesson.
For friends who have stuck close as a family I am grateful.
2017 has been a year of mixed feelings, the good the bad, the ugly, the happy and the sad. If I could travel back in time, I would probably travel back to some parts of the the year 2017 to undo or redo certain things. But in all I am grateful to God who has kept me and my dear ones till today
This is to a better 2018. May we break the boundaries of our fears, may our hopes and aspiration come through, may doors be opened unto us and may we make the maximum use of every opportunity that come sour way.
To those who read this blog or stumble upon it and read my many diverse thoughts. Thank you.
Sun Set on 2017

May we survive the winter months of our lives in 2018

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