Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It is all About power! Get it?

So we lose our humanity at the expense of grabbing on to power with all desperation available. We will forget the anguish of the families of the slayed school pupils to score cheap political points. The current issues of killings, sacking tainted by missing funds, fuel scarcity and carpet crossing by politicians is really serving to take our eyes off the upcoming elections. Sad tales are easily thrown out of discuss because we hunger for power. Power at all cost means human lives counts for nothing, there is sorrow tears and blood in my land, and we stay aloof as if it does not touch us while we live daily in trepidation. Fear engulfs our hearts, our hearts leap into our mouth we pray daily that our relatives will have no reason to visit parts of my nation, because there is daily shedding of innocent blood for no just cause.
Sad that the desire for power blinded us to the desire to preserve and improve human lives. The drive for more money to feed and live large as made us look at trampling on others as part of normal existence. We gradually loose our humanity, we cannot be caught weeping inconsolable for the death of many innocent lives neither can we return home from international tours at the news of the death of many citizens who cast their votes to see that we are in power. It’s easy to rationalize all sorts of atrocities going on this land because we have not been touched. Throw in religious, political and ethnic issues and watch the people bite and fight each other to a standstill, insults never heard before emanating, long lost abusive words are dug up with parents and grandparents insulted all in a bid to defend a God who needs no defense from mortal human beings that we are and our political benefactors.
It’s not well in my Land the blood of the innocent is crying for justice, weeping that no more lives will be lost wantonly, that the living will not be cut off in their prime like they were.

Can we stop for a second and lay aside our religious, political and ethnic differences, can we realize that the war being fought in the fringes can seep into our backyard while we yet sleep and look on unconcerned. Remember fringes is fringes whether there is a political meaning to it or not, they are human beings that live in those fringes, human beings who have hopes and aspiration who daily strive to make a living hoping tomorrow will be a better day, alas…death comes knocking while we seek for power, power power…gradually it consumes your thinking so much so you do not see anything sacred anymore…every issue is game to score cheap political points. Neither APC nor PDP have shown decorum in their search for power…it’s all about power not we the people of the land it’s about power let’s get it loud and clear! Not serving the nation nor making the nation come out of this quagmire it was pushed into by our leaders with us aiding and abetting them all the way…yes we, you and I! One choice at a time…I just wonder who is more desperate, the incumbent in power or those who seek to oust the incumbent? How much more blood will be shed for no just cause?

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