Saturday, December 09, 2006


Paul says I do not fight as one that punches the air. He had a target he had a purpose, his motions where not so as to be like everyone living in his days. His every moment and day was directed and focused. The human life is time bound and much or little can be achieved in this time frame, we do not have eternity to make mistakes and correct them. Every decision we make in life is to be thought about through and through. With the counsel of God guiding us as we progress into the days that are yet to be seen; the pages of life are to be turned one after the other looking forward to fulfilling the calling of God upon our life.
This is another phase we are about entering; we have trudged on and on looking for the end of this page. It stares us in the face and courage for moving forward into a new chapter is needed. We have become somewhat used to this chapter that is about to end and we need to leave this zone, we need to open a new page, we need to flip into the newness that awaits us. We are a called people, chosen of God destined to be great and sought out to make a mark on earth, which is recognized in heaven.
The hopes of becoming a doctor is come to pass, what next? We think we know we know we know, yet He sits up, above the influence and schemes of man and awaits us to open our hearts to His counsel for our lives.
He watches, quietly turning our feet into the part that leads to life and fulfillment, the counsel of God for our lives we pray shall stand. We are getting to the top of the mountain, we are surmounting all the challenges in our path, and we are shining forth out of the darkness that surrounds. We are bringing hope to the hopeless, while we do not loose our hope in God. Tomorrow is dawn, with greatness in its wings, its come to wipe away the tears of yesterday it is come to show forth the brightness that will mark the rest of our days.
I know I am born into greatness, I know I am molded in greatness; I know I was made with a purpose and sculpted with much love. I can’t but be great for I am marked for greatness, weeping has endured for a night- the night might have been days for some years- but joy is come in the morning for this is my morning.

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