Friday, July 12, 2013

This is Just a Rant, Nothing More, I Hope

I am left distraught looking around me in a country that ought to be great, standing tall shoulder, high above its peers, yet crawls. I take a stroll through the winding roads of social media and news that hit me is beyond belief, sad and discouraging but I see the people of my Land finding humor in the midst of cruelty of humanity to humanity. From the orgy for violence that pervades the legislative arms of government both at State and National levels- ought to be respected gentlemen throwing chairs at each other, fist cuffs flying in different directions, fists connecting with the jaws with a crunching sound. Black eyed they return home, I wonder what they tell their children, “son, when u are involved in politics you must be ready to fight, break your opponents head at the slightest provocation” (is it any wonder that cultism thrives, blossoms in our institution of higher learning) - to the brazen looting of the nations treasury, why won’t they have sleepless nights because of unemployment why won’t they?!!!. Daily we are made to realize the ‘only’ way to get rich fast if you do not want to rob people of their hard earned money through the use of the gun, is to rob them with a stroke of your pen when you get into power through hook or crook. It’s a sad state of things in my country where the child has no future from the day he/she is delivered, social amenities have crumbled, we build monuments on dung hills, hoping the window dressing will stop people from seeing the true state of things. We are easily deceived or is it because we have given up on ever making things better that we refuse to fight back. We live in a country where thugs, rogues men of low life are imposed on us with impunity!!! Schooled yet uneducated men and women placed in places of authority. It’s not news worthy anymore in my land that your are robbed in broad daylight, neither is it any concern that you spent hours on a journey of less than thirty minutes, the implausible has become the norm, the wickedness of man to man is a daily occurrence each just waiting his/her turn to hack down the next man at the next opportunity!!! Its mayhem here!!! I  can t live in this mess longer than I have, thirty four years of my life wading through  murky waters that this country has been turned into. It’s alarming that we wake up daily hoping to find food and a living in the harshest of conditions. We shout ranka dede to the very people who oppress us, they daily steal us blind, and taking for themselves and their children what belongs to us all. Yet we see it not. Education is in shambles, healthcare delivery is not any better, electricity is a mirage. We shout at the roof tops, with our hoarse voice screaming the gospel of salvation, since that’s where we find solace!!! Religion is now a cover for evil in my country!!! It’s pure stupidity to have just one gun in my country, if you want to be taken serious have a cache of arms and be sure the governments’ emissaries shall pursue hard after you to grant you amnesty even if you do not ask for it. Today I heard Hamza is released to the world to enjoy his loot and surely soon he will be welcomed back into the fold to lead this nation!! Nonsense absolute thrash!!! Well is it new sef? Is Bode not walking free of all encumbrance, was he not celebrated on his return from the jail? While we tear at each other’s throat on social media, the ruling class has no religion or ethnicity, they are bound by their greed for money and they are bent on destroying our land! No matter how far we go, Nigeria is ours and does not belong to the few who are at the helms of affair, they cannot stand if we have not been aiding and abetting their evil deeds. It is we the followers, we in our various cubicles where we have power that are quietly destroying the land.

So I end my rant today, while we at it lets keep destroying and aiding the leadership of this land to destroy that which could become great, while pointing the accusing fingers at DAM, NOI and Jonathan. BUY YOUR MACE; YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN OR WHERE YOU WILL NEED IT!!

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