Monday, July 15, 2013

Quickly Forgotten

So I died
Believed while dying that the whole world will stop for me
Just because I died
I believed it very strongly
Even if the whole world does not stop for a second
My loved ones will be frozen for a life time
Unable to move on because I died.
It is important for me to see that the whole world stopped
I wanted to be assured they really stopped
So I appointed a medium
I told him in clear terms to tell me what happens                                         
Immediately the news of my death is broken,
Three hours after
A day after and
A week after and
A month after and
A year after and...

He looked at me bewildered, wondering if I was mad
He had never had this kind of request in all his years
He looked at me, shook his head and told me
Dear son I have been in this business for years
No one ever asked me for such
Neither the rich nor the poor
The well known or the hardly known
Not one either he that found true love or never found love
No one was bold enough to make such a request.
It’s the way of the world
To move on very quickly
Sad moments are soon forgotten
Dead people become distant memories
Tragic events are left in the laps of those concerned
The people will only mourn with you in the now
Soon you are forgotten
I am loved and cherished
I have helped a lot of people in my life time
People have told me over and over they would not survive without me
I want to know what happens
I want to know how quickly I am forgotten
Because I know the world moves on too quickly
Memories only linger for a time
Right before the sunsets another news has taken over
Bad news is great news,
The worse it is, the faster it spreads
So I told him
Do me a favour do not turn down my request

Let me know how quickly I am forgotten

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