Sunday, October 11, 2015

Life: Storm and Calm

Good morning, I have been away fro here for a while. life has thrown it curves at us, but we are here. We have had good and bad news but we are here, we have lost loved ones, dear friends, spouse but we are here. wars are raging but here we are. 
It all looks like life is just hurtling on ignoring our continuous attempts at slowing it down. But this is life, we make the best of all we encounter, lending each other a helping hand, pulling up the falling, consoling the bereaved, offering our shoulders to the weary and sad. speaking words of comfort to those who are in pains, offering our silent company to those mourning and rejoicing with those that rejoice. 
This is life we live it to the fullest not deterred by the challenges, taking on new adventures with zest.
This is life with all its shades and curves, a canvass painting with dark and bright spots, it only makes the picture more complete and beautiful. Wake up to the cloudy weepy sky, to the white flakes resting gently on the tips of our nose or to the sun blazing in all its glory making us break out in sweat. It is all part of life, we seek to be better, nature is here to accompany us and remind us of God's unending faithfulness, how the birds of the air neither sow nor reap to store in bans but are fed from one season to the other. The beautiful flowers of the field clothed in all it's beauty, here in one moment but is gone the next.
This Life! we make the best of it before we draw our last breath.

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