Friday, July 31, 2015

No Time to Waste

In a Hurry by @greatise

Lagos is harsh, always in a hurry, each time I come to Lagos it reminds me of this. Passengers sleeping in buses trying to catch lost sleep. Bus conductors screaming with their hoarse voices, while you barely hear what they say. The names of bus stops have become abbreviated so much you need to be familiar with the newly contrived name. Daylight barely breaks before the cacophony of sound shatters the quiet and continues till early hours of the next Day.  Lagos barely sleeps, it's perpetually in motion, always in a hurry to reach its destination. The inhabitants are infected with its fast pace. No leisure walking on its street, feet barely touching the ground before it leaps into the air again, no time to commune with the ground, no time to caress it and allow it feel it's presence. Lagos stands as an enigma a large mural work with the bright and dark sides in a hurry to pass it's message across, No time to waste!

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