Saturday, June 15, 2013


You become what you eat and what you do over the years. The most important thing any human can do to ensure a healthy tomorrow is watch what he/she eats on a daily basis. Health eating bequest us with good health and strengthens the body to fight off diseases. Daily exercise helps you keep fit and trim; it strengthens your muscles and bones and helps to burn off unnecessary fat, and also goes a long way to help your heart stay in optimum condition.
Lifestyle is about the everyday activities we undertake; when we sleep, for how long we sleep, what we drink and eat, if we smoke, the exercises we do, the work we do and where we live.
Prevention is better than cure; it’s said over and over again. Our lifestyle can either predispose us to illness or prevent us from getting ill.
Regular washing of hands after using the toilet or when you come in from work, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, taking a lot of water and reducing the intake of soda drinks. It’s also healthy to sleep early and make sure you have at least 6 hours of sleep, keep your environment clean and do regular exercise, like walking, jogging, skipping and cycling. We wonder why the people lived for long years in those days; it can all be traced back to their lifestyle. They trek to the farm, eat fresh foods, drink a lot of water, not sausage, biscuit, meat pie, burger, Bobo, viju, lacasera. In our days, we seat behind the desk, too tired to cook so off to the fast food joint, quick sugar from soda drinks, seat in a car that takes you to and from work, never using the staircase always the lift, sits in front of the television with dinner and off to bed from there. Our daily routine in this generation is gradually annihilating us while we watch on happily. So help your child live long, let him/her run around, stop the Bobo and Viju and Biscuits, replace them with fruits and vegetables, give them a lot of proteins; fish, milk, akara, moinmoin and eggs its good for their growth and development. They are the future, they are our hope, feed them well, look after your own health modify your life style, park your cars and motorcycle, trek that distance keep fit, our children need us just as much as we will need them some years to come.
Change your life style!!
Oyedeji Aderemi

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